We in Utviklerne AS take your privacy seriously. All personal data is collected, stored, processed, handed out and shredded in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (Personal Data Protection Act) and the EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This privacy policy explains in detail how we treat personal information.

  1. Who we are and how to contact us: The entity responsible for collecting and processing personal data (treatment manager) in connection with this agreement is Utviklerne AS, a Norwegian limited company with corporate registration number 989508598 in the Register of Business Enterprises. Our contact information is available at http://utviklerne.no/.
  1. Data we collect from you:We collect data when you use one of our apps based on permissions you provide during installation or during use. There are two categories of data we collect:
    1. Error and troubleshooting information: If the app crashes or fails in a way that we have not foreseen, it automatically aggregates data that can help us with error correction. The data contains the manufacturer name and model number of your device (eg "Apple iPhone 8"), technical information about where the app encountered the error, what error occurred, what was done in the app immediately before the error and what communication has passed between the app and our servers. This information contains a unique identifier for our apps installation on your device so that multiple errors from the same app installer can be viewed in context. If you uninstall and reinstall the app, you will be assigned a new unique identifier that has no link to the old identifier.
    2. Usage information: When the app is running, statistics will be collected for using the app. This includes where the device that is running the app is located, what content has been shown and how long this content is displayed. This information contains a unique identifier for our app’s installation on your device so that you can view usage over time. If you uninstall and reinstall the app, you will be assigned a new unique identifier that has no link to the old identifier. This information does not identify you as a person and cannot be linked to your device or to your user identity with the device provider.
  1. How collected data is used:
    1. Error and troubleshooting information is used to report that errors have occurred and then isolate, identify and correct the error.
    2. Usage information is used to create statistics and reports on how the app is used. These statistics and these reports do not identify you as a person. The statistics are used to improve the user experience through app improvements and physical adjustments in the places where the app is in use (e.g., by changing exhibits in a museum).
  1. How to access data collected:In the app's settings, you'll find your app installer's unique identifier at the bottom. You can send us an email at forum@utviklerne.no at any time where you provide this identifier to access the data collected.
  2. How we share information with others:Error and troubleshooting information is collected through the HockeyApp service, which stores the data on international servers before being reported to us. Apart from this, we do not share this information with anyone.  Usage statistics and reports are shared with our customer who owns the app, so that our customer will be able to make improvements to their offer.
  3. Your right to appeal:If you are a natural person resident in the EU or the EEA and you believe that our use and processing of your data is in violation of the Personal Data Act, GDPR or other applicable legislation, you are entitled to appeal to the Norwegian Data Inspectorate or equivalent supervisory authority in the country in which you reside.